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abbigliamento sportivo invernale donna


ONEMORE was founded in South Tyrol, Italy in 2018. Cradled by a UNESCO World Heritage, the Dolomites, our home turf calls for a life lived outdoors, practicing winter sports and savouring the chills and thrills of a natural adventure park. With their 311,000 hectares of forests, the Dolomites are mighty mountains, where fresh air, high altitude and natural rhythms are de rigueur. In such premises, a passion for the outdoors, and especially for winter sports, is innate.

The brand is backed by a strong attachment to our place of origin and by a twenty-year experience in the fashion and skiwear industry. ONEMORE is an ultracontemporary sportswear label with many facets: material + digital, present + futuristic, technical + sustainable.

Within the ONEMORE man and woman coexist an innovative élan and a sharp eye for trends; technical rigour, a perfect wearability and a calling for sustainability enrich the lived experience of the pieces. Linings and membranes together with customisable details such as the logoed bands and the printed nets, bring out the clothes’ refinement, on both the inside and outside. The general beauty of the collection lies in its smallest details.

Intelligent gear takes centre stage. Rich in details and above all, highly adaptable, pieces are conceived to be mixed, matched and paired following the wearer’s taste, the intended use and the weather conditions. It so happens that a woman can obtain a jacket and a cocoon scarf from a coat; or that a gilet turns into a top. A sharp focus on shapes and details together with the use of experimental materials like AppleSkin define ONEMORE’s identity as a smart sports label, viable for every moment of winter life.

The collection is defined by its loud and strong colours. Black and white dominate, both when used in tone-on-tone ensembles and when paired with bright and dark accessories. Women’s pieces are enriched by antique gold details and camouflaged, glitched and pixelated motifs.

Further tokens of the brand’s morphing capacity are the multi-format/multi-use trousers and the technical hoodies. Notable is also the TRE UNO UNO 3L raincoat. An example of Italian craftsmanship, the raincoat is a showcase of avant garde technology, specifically laser cutting, gluing, ultrasound stitching that flattens the garment’s thickness and thermo-welded seaming allowing garments to become completely waterproof. With its discreet yet elegant fit, the collection adapts to nature and the city with equal nonchalance.

ONEMORE fluidifies the boundaries separating stylish from sporty. Flashy colours, for instance, although designed to be customised according to the brand image of ski teams and professionals, sit on the horizontal plane of the pieces. On sleeves and trousers’ lengths, loud hues represent a distinctive element of continuity across the brand’s entire collection.

Design + experimentation + functionality + wearability + sustainability = ONEMORE. The collections make it possible for the wearer to reconcile the urge to appear with the necessity of being. The magical formula is disruptive approach + constructive method. All the pieces be these street- or urban-inspired, are designed for leisure time in the outdoors, suspended between lifestyle and sportswear. Even the race models intended for athletes, ski schools and mountain professionals illustrate the label’s esthetic and technical advancement. All this, well beyond the slopes.