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We were born in Alto Adige/Südtirol, where a passion for sport is part of the genetic makeup. OneMore is the result of our origins, and more than 20 years of experience in fashion and tech wear. This allows us to be an ultra-contemporary, technological and sustainable brand.

ONEMORE combines a disruptive approach with a constructive method. Behind every garment – from the urban-inspired ones to the race models – lies forward-looking aesthetic research. Technical experimentation constantly pushes the envelope. A drive for innovation and the development of trends: more technical rigour, ever-more perfect fit, yet more care for sustainability.

ONEMORE means intelligent garments that can be combined or taken apart for extreme versatility of style and use. Coats turn into jackets and heart warmers. Vests transform into tops. Shapes, details and innovative materials like AppleSkin fit a new way of dressing, suitable for high altitude landscapes as one of the many different lifestyle scenarios possible.

ONEMORE brings together Italian craftsmanship and elegance with state-of-the-art production techniques like laser cutting, ultrasonic stitching and fully waterproof thermo-taping. For casual beauty dressing at any latitude and altitude. The climate, the context, the mood might change, the result stays the same.

Design + experimentation + functionality + wearability + sustainability: the sum adding up the elements allowing your desire to appear to meet your need to simply be. 

Beyond mountains.
Beyond fashion.