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ONEMORE heavily relies on unconventional materials. Among these, AppleSkin is one of a kind. Derived from the production wastes of the South Tyrolean apple industry, AppleSkin represents a singular alternative to animal leather. An innovative material that grants unexpected possibilities in terms of quality and performance, it fits in the circular economy that ONEMORE so convincingly espouses and promotes. 100% vegan, AppleSkin is the most natural faux leather alternative currently on the market that is also UV-proof and proudly stands the wear and tear test.

AppleSkin has even been patented by Frumat, a Bolzano/Bozen-based company conducting and supporting research on the uses of the most typical South Tyrolean fruit. Precisely for this very patent, Frumat was the recipient of several accolades, among which the Technology & Innovation Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in 2018.

ONEMORE is the first Italian company to embrace AppleSkin for sportswear. In combination with highly performing textiles, this innovative material delivers technical, creative and aesthetic excellence. A new guise for ONEMORE’s apple appeal