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OneMore Challenge, OneMore Chance: Our project is on CrowdFundMe!

Investi in OneMore

OneMore is only two and a half years old, but we have come a long way in this short period and have collected a lot of satisfaction! Almost 30 points of sale in 13 countries. 9 ski schools and 11 ski clubs dress OneMore.

The feedback we receive from those who have purchased from our online shop is very positive. The quality of our product and our philosophy, which aims at offering sustainable products, are highly appreciated.

If we consider that the past year has seen a worldwide pandemic and that our sector never reopened, we can only be happy with the results obtained. 

It is true, the projects we have in the pipeline have been slowed down, but we are buzzing to make them happen. We believe in our product, we believe in our passion and in our vision of OneMore as an internationally renowned brand, able to offer an innovative, sustainable product, deeply permeated by a sense of beauty and lifestyle that are typically Italian, and create a community that loves sports and the magnificent nature surrounding us.

We also believe that only together we can take great strides. 

For this reason we decided to join a crowdfunding programme which we wish to tell you about. 

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding or “collective funding” is a formula that allows anyone who is willing and interested in supporting a company, an idea or an activity to give their contribution in money so that the objectives set can be achieved. Participation in a crowdfunding gives the right, in addition to shares in the company in proportion to the investment made, to a series of other benefits.  

Why join the OneMore project?

Because it is nice to wear a garment that is yours, not only because you bought it but also because you actively participated in making it come to life: from creation up to distribution in the shop.

If you fund OneMore through the crowfundme.it platform, part of OneMore will also be yours. You will be able to contribute to its growth thus becoming an integral part of the project. But don’t forget, you will also enjoy special benefits dedicated to you alone. 

Curious to discover all the details? Register on www.crowdfundme.it/en and enter the Equity Section to find our project. 

Do you need some more information? Do you want to discuss some points with us? Write to contact@one-more.info We are always at your disposal! 

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