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Our Manifesto

High quality in our thoughts, products and relationships.
High reliability as business partners.
High definition as listeners to our clients.
High devotion as travel buddies.
And, evidently, high altitude, our natural habitat.

The world is fluid and so are our collections. In our mind, only one season exists and that is winter. We will present you with a long lasting winter collection every time we will complete one, regardless of the season in which we will be and far from the canonical schedules that our competitors generally work by.

We champion respect and kindness. We are work- as much as place-centric people – we cherish our planet, the small villages, their inhabitants, their issues and needs. We want to develop this respect further, together with our partners and suppliers, and all the kind people with whom we have and will cross paths.

To become fully sustainable, one needs time and effort. Not something within easy reach, but also not an impossible task. Sustainability is our goal, for which we work hard every day. We reject animal cruelty and believe in the possibility to feed into a circular economy with everything we do. This is why we hunt after recycled or recyclable fabrics and linings. If nothing is to be created nor destroyed, then we wish to hold things in our hands that are able to live a long and happy life. Backed by courage and curiosity, we employ paddings derived from recycled plastic bottles and innovative materials such as ECONYL®, a recycled nylon thread with the same peculiarities of virgin-sourced alternatives, but with the added advantage that it can be re-created, re-modelled and re-fitted ad infinitum. Our flagship is most certainly AppleSkin, a vegan alternative to animal leather derived from apple peel scraps. We renounce the use of feather and fur in favour of synthetic and recycled materials. To continuously renew our pledge to sustainability, we collaborate with local artisan laboratories, who put the Made in Italy stamp onto all their creations.

Good at their job: our products are such. Their specifics meet the necessary requirements and they do so all the time. Our products are better than expected. Designed for professionals, they never let wearers down.

Comfort, freedom of movement, beautiful design: these are our top research priorities. Fine raw materials and advanced technologies are not enough, if they result in a poor fit. We work with real bodies in mind in order to bring out their beauty whilst allowing them to express their power in motion.

All of our fabrics, membranes, linings and accessories are made in Italy. 50% of our items of clothing is made in Italy and the other 50% is produced in Europe by Italian makers. Both design and technology are Italian with addition of a French touch. The result is smart beauty and style done the Italian way.