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High quality, of reflections, products, relationships.
High reliability, as business partners.
High definition, while listening to our clients’ needs.
High devotion, as travel buddies.
And, evidently, high altitude, our habitat.
You need time and efforts. Not easy, but possible. Our goal is clear and we are working hard to make it true and certified. We reject the animal suffering. We adore the plenitude of the material, thus we check for recycled and recyclable fabrics and linings because if nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, we wish what our hands shape could live a long and happy life. Follow us and explore new prospects. For instance, you will put some apple skin
We support the respect and kindness. We are focused on business and on the land around – our planet, but even every single areas, the inhabitants populating them, their problems and needs. We want to develop this respect together with our partners, suppliers and kind people we will meet and have met so far.
Good at their job. We mean, our products are. Their curriculum meets the necessary requirements. Always. And they usually are greater than expected. Designed for professionals. They never betray.
Comfort, freedom of movement, beauty of the lines. These are the priorities of our research. Indeed, worthy raw materials and advanced technologies are insufficient, if they fit poorly. We work on real bodies to always bring out their beauty and to let the sports motion express all its brilliant power.
The world is fluid. Our collections are the same. In our world, there is one season only. Winter. A long winter of collections we will propose you once created and available, even not during the standard months when the winter sports clothing businesses usually launch the new items for the upcoming season.


Our fabrics, membranes, linings and all accessories are Italian. Half of our items of clothing are made in Italy and half are made in Europe by Italian producers. Both design and technology are Italian with some shades of France as we are looking for the perfect combination between high tech and high touch. The result? Nothing but smart beauty and Italian Style.